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Our mobile app performance and security testing services help you test the performance and security of your web, hybrid or native mobile apps in a real world environment. Deploying our ground breaking performance testing methodology, we ensure that we test your application from all three perspectives (On Device performance, Network performance and server performance)

Our lab, equipped with Network simulators allow us to recreate the real world network conditions in our lab (like latency, packet drop, network noises and others) enabling us to test your application for use cases like app response when network changes from 2G\3G to Wifi and vice versa, shared image size validation, on device performance parameters like battery CPU and network consumption and others

Our mobile application security testing methodology is specially aligned to uncover mobile security threats like Insecure Data storage, Client side injection, Side channel data leakage and weak server side controls. We undertake static code analysis and deep black box security testing approaches to uncover the hidden most security threats.

If your mobile has the facility for online payments or gains user data then there is a great chance that you are covered under stringent data security and privacy laws that are prevalent across most of the developed world. Any disclosure of user data or a hacking attack on your mobile servers through compromised apps can land you in legal trouble and thus it is imperative that you undertake mobile application security testing to ensure that your apps cannot be used to gain unauthorized access.

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