Automating Testing Of Mobile Application By Employing Selenium:

Selenium suite is a collection of software testing tools, which is used to automate web browser testing. Open source testing tool like Selenium is used for functional and regression testing. As a tester it is a sure fact that you must have come across Selenium. But, Can Selenium Be Used To Automate Mobile Application Testing? The summary below will give answer to all your queries. Starting with the question that can Selenium be used as a mobile application testing tool is a thumbs down. But bright side of the story is Selenium can be used for mobile website testing. As Selenium is an open-source testing tool and thus not associated with any licensing cost, it aces in rank in competition with other testing tools. Though you

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A Complete Guide For Opting An Unbeatable Test Management Service.

All You Need To Know About Test Management Service: The post is divided in 2 parts: First Part Talks About The Importance Of Management Services And Second Part Talks About Points To Help You Entrust Your Product With Best Test Management For any development or creation operation, testing has and will always be a crucial part. Testing is the only method to substantiate that what we created meets the actual expectations from the software. Out stationing the job of testing assists you to focus on delivering with superior conveyance and on basis of accurate metrics. So let us move ahead with perks of outsourcing a test management service. 1. Individualistic And Unprejudiced Authorization To start with, the modus vivendi of testing is that it is

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Why Outsourcing App Testing Is A Great Idea?

If you are into the field of software testing and have double thoughts about getting your app testing outsourced then what you are going to read next is definitely going to be an eye-opener. App User Retention: Before we move ahead it is important for you to know about App User Retention. App User Retention basically is the capability of your app or user to retain its users over a period of time. It is pivotal for your app to create an influence on its users and for that, it needs to allure customers within a few days of the app being brought into action. The reason why I am talking about this is App User Retention is because the user retention rate is so bad

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