Locators in Selenium with Example

Techniques Of Locator In Selenium Webdrivers Today we are covering the “Selenium Locators”,an important and very potent part of the Selenium web driver. What is a Selenium Web Driver? Selenium WebDriver is a cluster of open source APIs which is used to automate the testing of a web application. In simple words, it is used … Read more

4 Reasons To Consider Exploratory Testing With Agile

Fabricating an application today is an uphill battle. While conceptualizing an application and finally getting it into motion, there are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration. Key factors ranging from user interface to technology, from user profile to devices are taken into consideration before jumping into the application development process. With changing times, … Read more

Selenium Webdriver and TestNG Framework for Automation Testing

The basic manual testing process was replaced between these past few years. The Selenium Automated testing increased the tester’s efficiency to various benefits in the meantime. It has increased huge prominence among engineers, as it is an open-source device it offers colossal help to the designers. Numerous associations are receiving this most loved testing instrument … Read more

Automating Testing Of Mobile Application By Employing Selenium:

Selenium suite is a collection of software testing tools, which is used to automate web browser testing. Open source testing tool like Selenium is used for functional and regression testing. As a tester it is a sure fact that you must have come across Selenium. But, Can Selenium Be Used To Automate Mobile Application Testing? The … Read more

A Complete Guide For Opting An Unbeatable Test Management Service.

All You Need To Know About Test Management Service: The post is divided in 2 parts: First Part Talks About The Importance Of Management Services And Second Part Talks About Points To Help You Entrust Your Product With Best Test Management For any development or creation operation, testing has and will always be a crucial … Read more